Is your diet out of control? Discover a simple system to calm your cravings and kick unhealthy eating habits to the curb.

Are you tired of yo-yoing from one failed diet to another? Do you daydream about the favorite foods you can no longer enjoy? Has worrying about your medical condition or dietary restrictions taken the fun out of eating? Fourteen years ago, author Todd Hoff learned he had Type II diabetes. Since then, he’s lost over 100 pounds and controlled his disease. And now he’s here to share his methods so you can establish healthy habits that will last you a lifetime.

Joyful Eating contains a step-by-step system for transforming your relationship with food starting with the very first bite. Through Hoff’s methods, you’ll learn to identify destructive mindsets and common pitfalls that trigger poor nutritional choices and overeating. Denying your cravings isn’t sustainable for long-term change. Instead, Hoff provides you with guidelines so you can mindfully indulge in your favorite foods without wallowing in guilt or breaking your diet.

In Joyful Eating, you’ll discover:

  • The methodology behind "the first bite is best" that will help you rediscover the fun of food
  • A six-step process for savoring every spoonful so you can satisfy cravings without overindulging
  • Five simple tactics to help you identify temptations and create strategies to stay in control
  • Real-world solutions for navigating dietary danger zones like dining out and birthday parties
  • Techniques for identifying and sticking to proper portion sizes and much, much more!

Joyful Eating is the perfect companion handbook to help you stay true to the diet of your choice. If you like actionable tips, personal accounts of real-life weight-loss journeys, and holistic approaches to nutrition, then you’ll love Todd Hoff’s savory guide to your healthy new beginning.

Buy Joyful Eating to satisfy your cravings and rethink your relationship with food today!