4 Great Books for Girls - teenagers and young adults. You can choose to read one of the stories or all four, it is really up to your taste. Angel, Julia Jones - The Teenage Years, Slave to a Vampire and My Brother is an Outcast are four of Katrina Kahler's stories that she has written for older girls.

Angel is a unique, enthralling and sensitive story about Ella, a 17 year old girl...her love, adversity and paranormal experiences.

Julia Jones - The Teenage Years is the perfect book for die-hard Julia Jones' fans as well as those who are new to the series. Julia finds that her choices surrounding love, friends and rebellious teenage behavior tend to result in dire consequences and repercussions of the worst kind. What is the cause of Julia's misery and how does she deal with the challenges in her path?

Slave to a Vampire is a story about Catherine, a young Irish peasant girl and other young teens from her village who are taken away by English slave traders. Thrown into a sailing ship and taken to the other side of the world, Catherine fears for her future. She is purchased by a mysterious man and taken to his sugar plantation. Will she survive? What manner of creature is this man they call Master Lavelle?

My Brother is an Outcast - Follow the story of Zoe and Logan who are pulled apart in the most terrible circumstances. Is there any chance of Logan reuniting with his family? And is their any way that his sister can help him? It seems he has only three choices: undergo emotional surgery and become 'zombie' like; live the rest of his life in a city full of criminals away from his loved ones, or escape. What choice would you make?