Duty – a word most women understand.
Honor – a word men strive to attain.

What happens when a woman, expected to embody the word duty, desires more than the life she was pre-ordained? She falls from grace.

Isabella, known as Izzy to her fellow angels, dares to step out of her destined role and take up arms in a heavenly war. As punishment she is stripped of her wings and banished to the Earth plane. Worse, the sisters who joined her mantra of freewill fall to Earth with her. Tasked with surviving in a realm filled with sin, Izzy becomes the leader of this unlikely, untrained group of six. Together they form a band where they literally learn to harness their heavenly voices and sing for their supper.

Nathanael was born a warrior angel but the only way he can fully get his halo is to marry. But fate is playing games and his pre-ordained wife has become The Forsaken. Determined to change things, Nate risks it all and falls to the Earthly realm only to end up in serious trouble – and getting his hide saved by the most beautiful and unconventional angel he has ever laid eyes on.

Sparks fly when Nate and Izzy realize they have been set on the path of self-discovery together. But destiny is a passionate thrum Izzy has learned to ignore. Nate quickly discovers honor is useless without the woman he loves by his side and he’s willing to sacrifice it all to prove it. Izzy knows all about heavenly sacrifices. She will not abandon her sisters to the Earthly realm and would rather battle demons than admit she has feeling for her soul-mate.

Her pride might be the greatest threat to them all.

Salvation is a 60,000 word contemporary teen paranormal novel.