Do You Have What it Takes to Be the Last Man Standing? Surviving no matter what is a test of endurance, will-power, skill and grit. Most BELIEVE they will make it, but their hope will turn to dust when they face the fire. Read this issue and see if you have what it takes...

Table of Contents:
Salt of the Earth – Doug Bell
The Ultimate Caching Guide – Erich Jaeckel
How to Build a Survival Still – Kyle Brown
Survival Herb Garden – Linda Shute
Heirloom Seeds Part 1: Growing Seed Transplants – Char Green
Survival Cemetery – Caroline Vuyadinov
Cartridges for Survival Part 2: Handguns – Doug Bell
Shooting Range Practice – Shawn Martin
Pressure Points for Self Defense Part 1 – David Snyder
From Engine to Outlet – Ryan G. Banister
Recovering Gold from Scrap Electronics – Jessica Holom
Couponing for Preppers – M.D. Creekmore
Budget Buys – Doug Bell
Other Uses for Your Solar Oven – Paul Munsen
Homeschooling for Survivalists 101 Part 2 – Ralph Parillo

This Kindle edition is a direct reproduction of articles from the highly sought after print magazine. Only design graphics and ads have been removed for compatibility for all Kindle devices. Survivalist Magazine is the most respected resource for prepping and self-reliance!