During the dark ages in what is now Italy, a young woman named Henna is kidnapped in the night by half-demon soldiers. These demons, called Strigoi, had been created centuries earlier to fight a war and were now hiding from their creators who were determined to destroy them.
Soon after her abduction, the Strigoi king, Canisius, discovers Henna is a Nephilim, a half-angelic hybrid, and the only creature capable of killing his kind. Instantly infatuated with her, he has her bound in irons rather than killed, and they begin an emotional game of cat and mouse where Henna ultimately will discover who she is and the power she holds.
Filled with demons, angels, witches, and the walking dead, War of the Pretenders is a unique story that follows Henna, the lover who is searching for her, the Strigoi, and their creators on a collision course that culminates in a climactic battle where their lives are forever altered.