Smart. Dynamic. Successful. Soccer Beyond Instinct is a uniquely inspiring and humorous guide of how to succeed in the game of soccer - a ‘pocket bible’ to soccer players to rise up to a solid, mature and fun to play with personality.

New York City’s #1 Coach for Adult Soccer Training, Frank Hauser, offers up his experiences and discoveries on how to bridge the gaps to more experienced players more quickly by understanding the game, finding your role, making better decisions, and compensating technical deficits with smarter on-field behavior.

Soccer Beyond Instinct provides a tangible insight into the heart and mind of intelligent soccer and is an uplifting compilation of quick wins, soccer mentality essentials, wit and wisdom, packed into easy-to-digest spreads. Frank Hauser makes soccer mentality and on-field behavior a vivid experience for new-to-the-game to upper intermediate soccer players, soccer moms and dads, as well as everyone else who wants to have a look beyond the evident joy of the beautiful game.

If you want to advance in soccer and beyond, this is a must!

Also in this book: 27 Pre-Game Quick Tips to get your head in gear for the next matchup.