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This linked list of over 350 free science fiction stories and novels in Amazon's permanent collection was recently updated with hundreds of works from famous science fiction writers who wrote in the 1950's and 1960's and apparently forgot to extend their copyright protection. For the more recent authors SciFi fans will be familiar with, I just list the links (arranged by author) that will take you to their titles in the Kindle store for free download. For the earlier writers, I usually include a one or two line summary of their books.

I thought I read all the classic SciFi twenty years ago, but I found a couple dozen authors I'd never heard of while researching Amazon's free collection. Most of the titles in this linked list of the free classic science fiction on Amazon were written before the "Golden Age" of science fiction, but influenced the authors who came later. I've included several early utopia/dystopia books, a popular subject in the late Victorian period. A few supernatural titles are included when the author also wrote other types of books. I didn't include fairy tales, and I made judgment calls on skipping science fiction/fantasy that was written for children and young adults, or just included a few samples from those authors.

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