Filled to the brim with action, adventure, plot twists and gunplay—This is a book filled with the dead, the dying and those destined to die—This is “U.S. Federal Marshal: Abe Wallace! US Federal Marshal Abe Wallace, had never killed a man in cold blood. Salmon Balestine was quite different, Abe was about ready to make an exception in this case. Balestine, was the worst, cold blooded, senseless killer that Abe had come across since the War. The only thing that held him back was, he wanted to see Balestine with a rope around his neck and his boots swinging in the wind. He had to get him back to Credence, Wyoming first. That wouldn’t be easy seeing how ruthless and sly Balestine was. Abe was determined to not let him get away again. Then there was Masters McFerrin and the Stockmen’s Protection League who would do anything to stop Balestine from getting back to Credence to stand trial.