Covering history, literature and theology in an integrated way, you will find great helps and tools to study the great works found in the most recent time period. Students will learn to look at ideas and events with a biblical worldview, while their composition and logical skills are refined. And it's written so that a student can start with this level, if needed. This one-of-a-kind program begins with the student text and teacher CD-ROM. This well-thought-out, manageable tool, with daily lesson plans, will make teaching and interacting with the greatest works of Western Civilization both enjoyable and profitable. With Trinitarian thinking at the core of the study, students will learn to interact with timeless material in a wise and godly way. Students completing all six years of Omnibus will have carefully studied every book of the Bible, too. The student text assigns the readings in the primary and secondary books for each semester. We have gathered these books into discounted kits. The primary reading covers books that the student will interact with most. Papers, tests, field trips, etc. will generally be more geared to the primary books. Secondary reading is not necessarily less important, but it is given less emphasis. -Veritas Press