The Captain's Log is a tale about an alien who escapes from the erasure of his home planet to be raised on Earth-- only to go explore the rest of the Universe from there. A Cosmic Cab sees the Captain, a plasma-blooded humanoid with two brains, take his custom-configured dimension-traveling taxi to the far ends of intergalactic space, the depths of the past and future, and to realities entirely unlike our own. He meets new friends like a time traveling vampire and an inventor living as a hermit on an ice world, and makes vicious enemies such as the Vambrains, the Extinction Factor, and the Druids of Maldar (the ancient rivals of his people), all while learning more about his heritage as a Tavansor and his destiny as the figure who must stand against the Reckoning, whatever it may be... Superman meets Doctor Who, with a healthy dose of Lovecraft, to combine into an original journey through space, time, and beyond.