Time to Say Bye-Bye / Hora de Dizer Tchau-Tchau
Babl Children's Books in Portuguese and English

A perfect picture book for toddlers on the go! All toddlers live by the pleasure principle; for them, fun times always end too soon. Often, they’ll either turn a deaf ear to the words ""It's time to say bye-bye"" or simply throw a tantrum. What is the solution? In this warm-hearted picture book, Maryann Cocca-Leffler follows a toddler from morning to bedtime, showing that all saying ""bye-bye"" to something really means is that you're ready to say ""hello"" to the next fun thing in your busy day! With a bare minimum of words and playful artwork, this is one of those rare read-alouds perfect for very young children.


""...vibrant, sweet, watercolor illustrations ... along with a spare text, make this an enjoyable read-aloud for the youngest of listeners."" - School Library Journal

""This would be a great addition to a babies' lap time, particularly if the little ones were encouraged to say/wave bye-bye along with the story."" - BCCB

""So effective is the delivery here that parents may find themselves saying bye-bye to things they'd never imagined talking to."" - Kirkus

""The appropriately short text captures the rhythm of the child's day ... Bright and sunny, the mixed-media illustrations create an appealing world full of recognizable things."" - Booklist

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