Stenciling the Arts & Crafts Home by stencil guru Amy Miller is a complete guide on how to create and use Arts & Crafts stencils to create authentic décor in craftsman-style homes.

The art of stenciling has been around for hundreds of years, but was truly embraced at the turn of the twentieth century. Stenciling was adopted by many, and was a widely used and popular decorative art during the Arts & Crafts period. Unique stylized designs could be customized and applied in any room of the home-adorning the frieze, curtains, portiers, pillows, and even table linens. Stenciling is enjoying a revival in popularity today; this decorative art has unlimited color and pattern options not available through mass-marketed wallpapers and linens. Stenciling the Arts & Crafts Home preserves the artistry forever in full color examples, and serves as an invaluable resource as this forgotten art experiences a revival.

Stenciling the Arts & Crafts Home includes:

The History of Stenciling in the Arts and Crafts Period

A Comprehensive Materials List (including paints and brushes)

A Collection of Beautiful Designs

Info on Choosing Authentic Colors and Hues

The Right Techniques (including layout, shading, blending, marbling)

Plus: A "Frequently Asked Questions" section