Celebrate the beauty and excitement of Día de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead, as you relax and color our intricately designed Sugar Skull illustrations of Animals & Aliens, each printed on a full page with a dramatic black background. It is time to pull out the neon markers, fluorescent pens, and turn on the black lights to let these masterpieces shine!

Happy Coloring!

Product Details:

  • Premium matte finish cover design
  • Printed single sided on bright white paper
  • Perfect for all coloring mediums
  • High quality 60# paper stock
  • Large format 8.5" x 11.0" pages

Coloring Pages Included in this Book:

  • Elephant Cover Page
  • Walrus
  • Diamond Eyes with Dragonfly
  • Funny Skull with Flower Eyes
  • Lion
  • Alien Skull with Crown
  • Skinny Alien Skull with Diamonds
  • Rose Eye Skull with Cherries
  • Owl Sugar Skull
  • Spider Eye with Diamond
  • Star Eye Sugar Skull
  • Candle Eye Sugar Skull Bird with Beak
  • Ram Sugar Skull with Horns
  • Cool Alien Sugar Skull with Teeth
  • Heart Eye Alien Sugar Skull
  • Rose on Forehead Sugar Skull
  • Rose Eye Skinny Sugar Skull
  • Fox Sugar Skull
  • Pointy Head Sugar Skull
  • Flower Forehead Sugar Skull
  • Diamond Eyes and Forehead Sugar Skull
  • Beak Nose and Ace of Spades
  • Cat Sugar Skull
  • Beetle Forehead Sugar Skull
  • Zentangle Eyes Sugar Skull
  • Fire Eyes Sugar Skull
  • Zig Zag Eyes Sugar Skull
  • Butterfly Eyes Sugar Skull
  • Cobra Sugar Skull
  • Ram Head Sugar Skull
  • Quicksand Eyes Sugar Skull
  • Ram Sugar Skulls with Cool Horns
  • Stripe Eyes Sugar Skull

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