***NEW 2015 EDITION*** 

-- An SG Horror Release 
-- From Top Selling Horror & Thriller Author, Iain Rob Wright 
-- Book finishes with 10k words of Kindle-exclusive bonus content: THE PATH OF INFECTION (follow the virus as it passes from person to person on its rampage of destruction) 

It seems as if there's a bad cold going around...
Nick Adams is an ordinary man, entirely unremarkable in fact. The only great thing about his life is his beautiful wife and precious son. They're the only reason he continues to toil at his unfulfilling job as manager of a phone shop. He feels in his bones that he is meant for something better, but better never seems to come around. Today, the only thing that has come around is a single customer. It doesn't look like the man came to buy. In fact, he looks terribly ill, and when Nick gets home, he finds his family have the same terrible cold. He hoped he doesn't catch it.
It won't be long before Nick's entire life is turned upside down, sending him on a frantic journey through a ravaged world that will ultimately lead him 500-feet upwards to a hilltop amusement park. Is it the last safe place on Earth? Or are the monsters at the top of the hill even worse than the ones below? 
Welcome to Ripley Heights, where the fun never starts 
Iain Rob Wright reinvents the zombie apocalypse while remaining faithful to its traditions. A book sure to please fans of both George Romero and 28 Days later, Ravage is the first book in a unique and terrifying apocalypse.

"Iain Rob Wright scares the hell out of me." J A Konrath, author of Origins and Afraid
"A Master of the genre." Matt Shaw, author of the Black Cover books 
"Cuddle up to this novel and it might rip your throat out. A fun, thrilling read!" David T. Wilbanks - Co-author of Dead Earth: The Vengeance Road
"One of the BEST horror books I have read in YEARS!" - Eric S. Brown, author of Last Stand in a Dead Land
"Iain Rob Wright brings true excitement to the horror genre, with wholly original stories and characters to route for." - Ryan C Thomas, author of Hissers, Rating's Game, and Origin of Pain