An Angel From Above is the inspiring true story of an Italian American author, Marfisa Morabito. It describes the joyous memories and trials and tribulations which she endured throughout her lifetime. It's a story of hope and strength which grew from Christian faith. It entails deep pain of losing a precious son and having victory in Christ Jesus. Including glorious days, dreams, visions and miracles, she provides comfort to those facing similar life struggles and is an inspiration to those from all walks of life. "I'm proud and honored to be writing this book about my life and angel sent from above. I want to tell the real story of a beautiful angel God sent into my family from heaven. I thank Him with all the profoundness of my heart to have sent my loving son, Carmelo. As I write the words of this book, I feel the same emotions as though transpiring for the first time and pray that God give me strength to accurately portray the story as called to do. Having faith in the Lord, our Creator, we must always glorify God in good times and bad, in joy and pain." First time author, Marfisa Morabito, explains the joys of raising and hardships of losing her angelic son in an epic project that took almost three entire decades to record and publish.