A highly practical guide for new instructors teaching in anysetting

Regardless of the context, teaching is a tall task—and forthose teaching adults, unique challenges await. Teaching Adults:A Practical Guide for New Teachers is chock-full of ideas thatcan be read quickly and implemented immediately in formal andinformal settings, in classrooms and workplaces; in short, whereveradults are learning.

Written with straightforward language that eschews jargon, yetgrounded in theory, research, and practice in adult education, thebook will benefit readers who have not previously been exposed tothese ideas as well as more experienced teachers who seek new waysto reach adult learners. The book will serve as a resource torevisit from time to time as readers face new challenges andquestions in teaching adults.

Readers will delve into to a variety of topics, including:

  • A general teaching framework, including the author's four keysto effective teaching
  • An in-depth exploration of the primary components of effectiveteaching
  • An examination of the unique challenges involved with teachingadults, including how to best create a positive learningenvironment, overcoming resistance to learning, motivationtechniques, and dealing with difficult or disruptive learners

The book elucidates the techniques required to connect withadult learners and provide instruction that is specificallytailored to the unique learning needs of these students.