Proven strategies and tactics to manage the integration ofacquired and/or merged companies

Mergers & Acquisitions Integration Handbook is acomprehensive resource to help companies create a scalable postmerger or acquisition integration process and framework thataccelerates operating and business benefit goal realization.

  • Includes tools, templates, forms, examples and checklists toprovide a no nonsense “handbook” style approach tomanaging an effective integration.
  • Helps integration managers quickly get up to speed on variousintegration challenges, including guidance on developing detailedoperational and functional integration plans to support flawlessexecution.
  • Reveals how to avoid integration failure by establishing anin-house integration management office to handle integrationprojects.
  • Includes a sample integration playbook that can be used tocreate a core competency within companies to support ongoingintegration activity.

Botched integration is the number one reason mergers fail.Mergers & Acquisitions Integration Handbook shows youhow to develop, execute and implement merger integrations andbusiness strategies to realize your organization's mergers andacquisitions goals.