From the grounding solidity of earth to the boundless creativity of air, from the stimulating energy of fire to the emotional depths of water, the four elements bring true power to your magical workings. In this twentieth anniversary edition, a calendar section offers vital information on the Moon's sign and phase, traditional Pagan holidays, along with incense and color correspondences to maximize the energy of your spells. Also featured are nearly forty magically inspired articles on spellcasting, ritual, lore, and much more:

How to Contact Ancestral Spirits by James Kambos
Budget Witchery by Melanie Harris
Leaf Magic by Michelle Skye
Ancient Egyptian Fire Deities by Denise Dumars
Cult of the Saints: An Introduction to Santería by Lily Gardner
Magickal Jewelry by Raven Digitalis
Mermaids: Swimming in the Realms of Wonder by Gail Wood

A trusted companion for practitioners of various magical paths, Llewellyn's Magical Almanac has been published annually since 1990.

"A splendid magical resource, useful for years to come . . . Highly recommended." ―PanGaia