"While both [Original Bavarian Folktales and the Penguin Classic edition of The Turnip Princess] will give readers ample pleasure, Wolf's conveys a much more accurate idea of Schönwerth's aims and achievements." — Times Literary Supplement
A contemporary of the Brothers Grimm, Franz Xaver von Schönwerth collected the folklore, legends, and fairytales of "ordinary folk" in the Upper Palatinate region of his native Bavaria and published them in the 1850s in a three-volume scholarly work. This volume is the first dual-language edition of his tales, which fell into obscurity and have only recently been rediscovered. The 150 fables include "The Spinster Bride," "Pride Will Be Punished," "The Marriage of Sun and Moon," and other enchanting Bavarian folktales.
Appropriate for intermediate-level students of German, this volume is equally suited to classroom use and independent study. New English translations appear on pages facing the original German text. An introduction contains footnoted critiques of the stories as well as background material on Schönwerth and his legacy. Readers will find this book a fascinating collection of little-known folktales as well as a delightful way to improve their German-language skills.