Why doesn't Batman use a gun in his war on crime? And what happens when he meets Joe Chill - the man who murdered his parents? The Dark Knight's second year on Gotham's streets found him still fresh as a crimefighter, forging relationships with Commissioner Gordon and others while facing some of the most difficult decisions of his life. BATMAN: YEAR TWO is a trade paperback collecting DETECTIVE COMICS #575-578 written by Mike. W. Barr (who provides a new introduction), and featuring the artwork of Alan Davis & Paul Neary and Todd McFarlane & Alfredo Alcala. In "Year Two," Batman ends up in violent conflict with Gotham City's first vigilante, the scythe-wielding Reaper-now a brutal killer. Batman has no choice but to make a desperate alliance with Joe Chill to bring the Reaper down! Warner Books edition.